NEW Book! The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint: The undeniable truth that your words can determine your weight.
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“In this book, Dr. LeAnn Fritz covers over 20 common evidence-based reasons that almost no one talks about. If you have been trying to lose weight and constantly feel stuck, this book is for you. ”

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What You Will Get Inside The Book
  • The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint covers over 20 common evidence based reasons that people can’t lose weight, than no one is talking about.
  • Maybe you have tried everything and found that they all work but aren’t sustainable…or perhaps you’ve tried countless programs and have had no result at all. Both instances are so frustrating, but please don’t lose hope! 
  • ​If you are looking for lasting weight loss, The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint is for you!
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See What Others Are Saying...
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Listen to Kim's Testimonial and how her Naturopathic Medicine experience in Kalamazoo MI, with Dr. LeAnn Fritz PhD


Listen to Jim's Testimonial and how he was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.


Listen to Susan's Testimonial and her success using Naturopathic Medicine in Kalamazoo MI, with Dr. LeAnn Fritz PhD.



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*USA shipping only. We do not have international shipping options at this time.
In this NEW BOOK, here are a few secrets that you’ll discover:
  • Why the old paradigm of 'calories in - calories out' is incomplete and seldom effective on it's own
  • ​How your weight is directly tied to your thinking
  • ​How to eat more food but still lose weight and improve health
  • ​When is the best time to eat for optimal weight loss?
  • ​What kind (and how much) fat should you eat?
  • ​How to get the "oil change" your body needs.
  • ​How to drink your way to an ideal body weight
  • ​Are you feeding the "good bugs" in your gut?
  • ​How to lose weight in your sleep
  • ​What if immune stress is your biggest challenge and you don't even know it?

*USA shipping only. We do not have international shipping options at this time.

See What Others Are Saying...
Don't take our word, see our testimonials

How many of you have "tried everything" so you can easily lose weight? And then, after so much effort, time, restrictions, and money spent, you end up feeling frustrated and gaining weight?! Well, you're in for a pleasant surprise.
 Even me, a coach, couldn't accomplish my desired goals, so when I found out about this study, my first thought was: it's too simple; I've tried something like this … but, maybe I'll give it a try and see what happens and let go of expectations.
 Not only did I reach the study's goal, I continued joyfully experiencing very positive results; a shift in perspective, a more positive attitude and mindset that turned into a permanent, effortless, healthier lifestyle.
 Honestly, you never know what kind jewel you will find from a seemingly simple thing.Take the chance! Maybe you'll find yourself losing the negative programming and gaining a hefty serving of joy!

Leticia M., California

63 years old

“The Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint elegantly dispels the myth of the too-simple weight loss equation: eat less, exercise more. Whether you are a few or many pounds overweight despite your best interventions, this book is for you. With the “quantum weight loss” approach, you will learn over 20 evidence-based reasons (and solutions) for stubborn weight issues rarely talked about. This book is dear to my heart as the author has also showcased many innovative health concepts promoted by my late husband, Dr. R. J. Marshall, in his seminars. This book really is the quantum solution for lasting weight loss.” 

Dr. Linda L. Forbes, DC, LAc, DACBN, CCN

CEO, Premier Research Labs

Most of us that have dieted throughout our lives have experienced the frustration of a “YOYO” effect (up and down). That’s because there were a few essential pieces to the puzzle missing. Dr. Fritz has discovered and details those pieces in her “must read” new book Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint. Mind-body integration for complete healing is always talked about but rarely mapped out in a way that you can understand and apply to your daily life until now. This book will give you all the tools you need to complete the journey and cross the finish line of a healthy sustainable natural weight loss profile and foundational thinking for you and generations to come.

Robby Besner, PSc.D

CO Founder and Device Developer

I was amazed at the power of encouraging words in this program. I started on this four month program, doing the verbal exercise in which I would say a specific statement to my body out loud while looking in the mirror three times each day. I didn’t think much of it at first but…the words were so encouraging that after three months I had lost 10 pounds! I didn’t do anything different in my routine besides this. In fact, I didn’t even work out to lose the weight. Amazing how simply telling the body what to do, with the right words can help reduce your weight. This is awesome!

Matthew Garrett

Founder of Indigo Fizz

 Dr. Fritz brings an enlightened new perspective on a stubborn and heartbreaking problem. Recovery is not yet common, but it is very possible— it happened for me— and this cutting-edge approach should expedite the process.

Victoria Moran, CHHC, RYT

Author of The Love-Powered Diet

FINALLY a book that’s based in science, comprehensive and NOT another gimmicky diet. Dr. LeAnn Fritz has nailed it! This isn’t just a book for achieving weight loss, it’s a truly WHOLE-istic approach that applies to anyone interested in optimizing their health and feeling great! Dr. Fritz cuts to the chase of what works and what doesn’t coming from her own personal journey, professional experience, and extensive research. If you’re looking for a book to transform your life this is it! She maps out a plan that’s REAL, not overly rigid, and definitely sustainable! Dr. Fritz doesn’t present a quick fix rather it’s a realistic plan, outlined beautifully, and as the title implies she addresses the most critical component that’s missing from all the trendy diets, QUANTUM PHYSICS! She offers simple techniques yet revolutionary for weight loss. I absolutely LOVE this book! I felt better by the time I finished it. Will definitely be recommending this book to friends, family, and clients!

Heidi Lyndaker, CNS

This Is Truly Life-Changing,
So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're Gone...
Dr. LeAnn Fritz, PhD

LeAnn Fritz, is who you want to go to if you want to live symptom-free and reach optimal wellness. She has a degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s Degree in Live Food/Vegan Nutrition and a PhD in Natural Medicine with an emphasis in Quantum Physics. She is a nationally trusted practitioner, researcher, entrepreneur, speaker and author who never settles for just getting out of pain but rather LOVES to empower others to achieve radiant health!

LeAnn has conducted innovative research around holistic weight loss, a study that evaluated the effects of verbal statements on the weight loss process.
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And That’s JUST The First 260 pages….

If you’d like to discover how to increase energy…

Then the Quantum Weight Loss Blueprint is perfect for you.

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